Read All About It! : Exclusive Interview with Peter Wilds






“Art, music, fashion, film/tv and travelling are huge inspirations for me”- Peter Wilds

  Local Vancouver based interior designer Peter Wilds has an eye for design like no other. He is able to keep his aesthetic constant throughout each of his project while making each of them

    completely different from the next. I got the chance to sit down and talk to Peter myself to get a look inside of his creative mind up close.

    The first question I asked was how he would describe his work in his own words? “My work is a mixture of old and new, masculine and feminine, refined and primitive I’m often drawing on opposites. The moment I have something clean and modern, I want to pair it with something historical and ornate. While I do work withcolour, neutrals such as whites, greys, beiges and blacks are a constant and form the backdrop for most of the spaces I create. My personal aesthetic, the wishes of my clients and the architecture of a space dictates the direction of all my work.” With such passion and knowledge behind his words you would think that this was what Peter was always meant to do, yet when I asked him that his response was, “I can’t necessarily say that this is what I was always meant to do. But I have always been drawn to overtly creative work. My mom is a huge inspiration. I witnessed her create beautiful homes over the years. And I remember the experience of going to antique markets, art galleries, furniture stores, tile and fabric suppliers. I always loved these environments. I love the combination of this work being creative and commerce driven.”

Peter’s aesthetic is every fashion enthusiasts dream, therefore I wanted to know how he would design the prefect room for those engulfed in the world of fashion. “Designing a space for the fashion enthused would feel very natural. As, most fashion people are inspired by art, music, film/tv, travel and architecture/design. Also, people who work in fashion often have a killer wardrobe. This

requires an awesome walk in closet. A lot of attention would need to be paid to this space.”

With that being said I was intrigued to see whom his dream client would be. “I don’t have a dream client with whom I want to work. I love

the clients I do have and I trust that by
focussing on my intuition, being authentic and honest, I will continue to attract my kind of people and project. And I would love to design a restaurant.” I decided to end our conversation with one last question, I asked weather to not he thinks fashion and interior design go hand in hand. “While I wouldn’t say fashion and interior design go hand in hand. I do think they inform each other. Fashion moves at a much faster pace than interior design. When it comes to colour, pattern and shape, interior design is often following in the footsteps of fashion.”

With all this being said I truly believe that Peter Wilds is one of the most talented, hardworking, and driven interior designer in Vancouver.

Keep an eye out for all of the amazing projects he has to come!

Photos by: Paul Melo & Janis Nicolay

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