Trend Report ! Fall /16

I know most of you are probably cringing at the idea of heading back to school and trading in those flip flops and tan lines for school books and homework, but fall has to be my (absolute) favourite season for fashion!

This seasons trends are showcasing unique textures, abstract hemlines, and bold statement outerwear that will make you crave a pumpkin spice latte (lol).

Here are some of my top picks that you need to get your hands on this season!



This season is the perfect time to take out all those old jeans you’ve been pushing to the back of your closet and channel your inner DIY skills. This easy abstract denim hemline is EVERYWHERE this season.



No matter what the garment, you will be seeing it in velvet this season! This trend is intimidating at first yet it can be accomplished by slowly introducing small elements of velvet into your everyday wardrobe!



No need to ditch those summer pieces yet, they’re gonna be your secret weapon this fall! Layering is an ongoing trend that we seem to see every season, yet this year we’re taking it up a notch. The layering movement is about to go to the next level.

Grab a simple crop and layer it over a classic button down to get that chic in-trend look!

Here are some of my favourites looks so far..



We’ve seen this trend a lot this summer season done mostly on bomber jackets, now we’ve decided to take it one step further!

Adding embroidery to your everyday wardrobe can really enhance a simple look to a street style worthy pic!


I hope you enjoyed this trend recap!

In the meantime you can catch me daily HERE !




Photo’s by WhoWhatWear & Vogue

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