Fashion In The Workplace

We all wish we were Andy from The Devil Wears Prada. Being able to take a quick shop through ‘The Closet’ before work, to rummage through racks and racks of designer looks to wear that workday. But for some of us that still remains a dream. Its the tale as old as time, how to make your outfits chic and trendy, all while being office friendly? Well I’m here to tell you (or at least give my advice) on how I like taking my work looks to the next level! 


When it comes to workwear, tailoring is a huge aspect. If a garment isn’t tailored properly to your body shape it’ll immediately make your look look unprofessional and less put together. That being said I love pairing tailored pieces with plain jersey t-shirts or knits to contrast the two! 


Introducing textures and different fabrics is such an important part when putting together a chic office look. Mixing textiles such as leather and tweed is such an easy way to make your look boss bitch ready. This can be done easily with outerwear, neck scarfs, bottoms.. and the list goes on.. Here are some of my favourite options! 


Now this is where things start getting more interesting. Shoes are a MAJOR part of any outfit and I find its where you can have more fun. Now depending on your workspace some of these shoe looks may vary yet for the most part I believe these are all pretty great!


Hope you enjoyed these office looks, in the meantime you can catch me HERE



Images from here

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