The Hat Everyone Should Own This Season

The IT Hat 

As many of you have probably already witnessed, the ‘it’ hat of the season has taken the industry by storm.

The ‘fisherman’s” or “train conductor” hat is a tall crown cut-and-sew fisherman cap featuring a custom pattern band. BRIXTON  is one of my favourite hat makers and definitely has an amazing selection in all different textiles and colours.

Stylist Monika Rose has been seen styling supermodel clients Bella Hadid & Kendall Jenner in this hat well before it blew up to the trend it is now.  These style icons have really influenced the rest of the fashion industry to hop on this trend immediately!   

The versatile hat of the season can be worn to amp up any casual jeans and t-shirt combo or as a key statement piece in a going out look.

Here are a few of my favourite examples! 




I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks blog post and stay tuned for more trend breakdowns! In the meantime you can find me HERE!  



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