Fashion Month Favourites!

Fashion month is finally over and we all know what that means… Time to hide your credit cards and indulge yourself into all those bad food cravings you’ve been holding back! This years fashion month was definitely one to remember. With millennials taking the front seat in the industry, designers lines all portrayed a sense of fun and empowerment. 

Here are a few of my favourite shows/looks this season! 


Moncler Gamme Rouge

 This years Moncler show was inspired by dancers and the aspect of “dance is universal.” All models wore grey leg warmers and ballet flats to portray this image. 



Inspired by rain, all models wore some form of transparent footwear/headwear. Karl Lagerfeld unleashed the most beautiful garden ever seen in Paris Fashion Week. 


Elie Saab

With a light beamed camouflage runway, Elie Saab brought the audience into a chic amazon jungle. 


Alessandra Rich

40’s Womenswear. 


This collection was inspired by The Apollo Moon Landing. 


Alexis Marbille

Paris Blossoms.


OFF White 

The peoples princess: Princess Diana.


Christian Dior 

Feminist Sensibilities. 

Dolce & Gabbana 

Dolce &  Gabbana is always one of the shows I look most forward to every season, and this year they definitely out did themselves. The theme of the show Queen of hearts, they displayed this with their signature crowns and stunning patterns. 

Emilio Pucci 

Emilio Pucci brought the “I woke up like this” look to the next level. With a Seaside Destination theme, the collection displayed everything one should bring on their next vacation. 

Temperley London 

Nostalgic vision of the French Riviera. 


Taking NYFW to Paris. 

I hope you enjoyed all my favourite runway looks from this seasons crazy fashion month, and stay tuned for more fashion filled posts yet to come!

In the meantime you can find me HERE!



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